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Ali Sultan Bin Qadib Advocates & Legal Consultants has extensive experience dealing with different types of cases, including, but not limited to, civil, commercial, criminal, personal and rental cases. We always strive to continue permanently and renew our legal information If you wish to seek legal advice, you will find all of our attorneys with the highest level of expertise at your service to provide you with the correct legal opinion regarding your legal problem. We measure our success with the success of our clients.

About the services 

Legal advice
The legal advisory service is provided by an Emirati attorney and counselors, by telephone effortlessly, for a nominal amount.

Corporate Legal Affairs Department
The Legal Affairs Department service is ranging from a comprehensive legal administration for the private and public sector by experienced and competent UAE lawyers and consultants.

Real estate collection
The service of collecting real estate amounts includes collecting the value of the rents and following up the rental cases with an annual contract, which guarantees the collection of all the real estate amounts for the property’s owner by legal or friendly means.

Case management  
We are distinguished by giving the plaintiff the percentage of success of the case that he desires through our experienced legal advisers and lawyers. We have achieved success in winning cases of all kinds.

Collecting the payments of the study fee for groups and schools
We provide the universities and schools with a pre-payment service by the students, and we do our part in collecting the payments of the study fee, which ensures that the university gets the fees without delay .

Writing and drafting legal notices
You can rely on us on drafting the facts of the case to reach the required justice. The legal notices are written and drafted by our legal team and reviewed by specialists in the same field before delivering them.

Collecting corporate debts
Our experienced  team is characterized by solving the problems  amicably and at the same time the firmness in reaching the collection of the amount as quickly as possible for our clients.

Writing contracts and agreements
We are distinguished by our team who has a PhD in Law and who is specialized in drafting contracts and agreements and reviewing them again and again to protect our clients’ rights.

Annual legal services contracts for companies
We provide a distinguished service for small, medium and large companies, with annual contracts that include collecting money and managing cases thereof, and accordingly, providing legal advice and writing agreements and legal contracts, which guarantees a strong foundation for the company.


About Us

The Company consists of a team of talented and competent Emirati attorneys who provide integrated legal services and a unique mix of experience. Our attorneys rely on their knowledge of legal laws and practices and work with all professionalism and commitment to provide the best legal and commercial advice.

In order to help our clients reach their desired goals, we formulate and review all necessary contracts and agreements for: partnership, sponsorship, franchise, management, operation, and joint contracts, as well as loan agreements, commercial agencies, and agencies.

Ali Sultan Bin Qadib Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the best and largest legal group in UAE and the Arab Gulf. And because technology is overwhelming our lives nowadays ,  we put in your hands our legal services through our smart website, which can be considered as a link that connects us and makes it easier for you to communicate and reach us.

Our office is your best choice.  We have a team of the best legal advisors and lawyers who are fully prepared to provide legal advise for all aspects of your life and for your business and investment projects inside United Arab Emirates and outside it.

We care about your smallest details. Please do not hesitate to contact us by sending your legal advice, and our distinguished legal staff will answer you and communicate with you as soon as possible. It is our pleasure  to receive your comments and evaluations to improve our services and to make our office the ideal office in the  country.







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