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About Us


We put in your hands 6 years of practical success and professional career
We are Ali Sultan Bin Qadib Lawyers and Legal Consultations, which consists of a 100% Emirati team that is professionally loyal, cooperative, listener, creative and producer.
Our team has been carefully selected in pursuit of finding the best legal solutions for our clients. Our practical history testifies to our continuous success in criminal justice and recovery cases, in addition to our history of commercial cases, civil disputes, personal status cases, labor cases and administrative cases, and the drafting of legal contracts. We understand, realize and innovate to find the best solutions that suit the interests of our customers .

Ali Sultan Bin Qadib Advocates and Legal Consultants is looking forward to the importance of the trained team work ; That is why our clients can rely on our extensive scientific and practical experience in all areas of law.

Our message
We believe that the goal of the legal profession is to preserve rights and protect freedoms, and we believe that we must place the interests of our clients in the highest degree. Therefore, our organization is keen on making professional efforts to achieve the best legal results.
Our core values

We always strive to achieve impressive results with high quality and skill for all of our customers

We believe that communication with integrity and transparency is the basis for success in any distinguished professional relationship

Achieving justice represents the pinnacle of our commitment and the priorities of our work to our firm confidence that achieving and maintaining justice leads to the establishment of a society in which reassurance and peace and security prevail in achieving the desired progress.

Honesty and integrity
We work to promote the values ​​of honesty, integrity and trust in Ali Sultan Bin Qadib Advocates , and we firmly believe in the importance of honesty, trust and mutual respect. We also realize the importance and necessity of our customers feeling confident, and for this reason we place on our shoulders the full responsibility to build and maintain the desired trust with our customers.

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