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Personal Status

When does the wife's alimony fall?

If she prevents herself from her husband or refrains from moving to the legal marital home without a legitimate excuse 

If you refrain from returning to the Zo house 

If the husband is prevented from entering the house Marriage without a legal excuse 

If she refrains from traveling with her husband without a legitimate excuse 

If a court ruling or decision is issued restricting her freedom in a manner other than the husband’s right and it is being implemented 

Is it permissible for a husband to dispose of his wife’s money?

An adult woman is free to dispose of her money, and the husband is not permitted to dispose of her money without her consent. Each of them has an independent financial liability. If one of them participates with the other in developing money or building a house or the like, he has recourse to the other for his share in it upon divorce or death 

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